Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.3 July 2016                                             Pp. 99-112 

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  Using BetterAccent Tutor and Praat for Learning English Intonation 


 Naima Hamlaoui
Department of English
Faculty of Letters, Human and Social Sciences
El-Bouni Campus
Badji Mokhtar University,
Annaba, Algeria

 Nawel Bengrait
Department of English
Faculty of Letters and Languages
University of Guelma 8 Mai 1945
Guelma, Algeria


Learning English pronunciation necessitates a deep understanding of the prosodic features such as intonation. The present study reports the effective use of BetterAccent Tutor and Praat programs for the learning of English intonation with an experimental and a control group that involves nine students during a third semester phonetics course, at the Department of English, University of Guelma, Algeria. The research aims at investigating the usability of audio-visual feedback paradigm to learn prosody by Algerian students in order to enhance their English intonation renditions. The experimental method enabled generating, measuring and analyzing intonation contours, pitch and intensity of English wh-questions and tag-questions. The results revealed that the audio-visualization technology support helped the students to identify the errors and to understand the functionality of acoustic features they produce regarding intonation patterns.
Keywords: Audio-visual feedback, intonation software, pitch, intensity, acoustic features


Naima Hamlaoui is a professor of Applied Linguistics in the English Language Department at
the University Badji Mokhtar of Annaba (Algeria). She teaches a range of courses and
supervises Doctoral students in English Language and Applied Linguistics. Her research
focuses on second language writing. She is also interested in technology and foreign language
learning, ESP, translation, and teacher education.