Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.4 December  2015                                           Pp. 182-  198    

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 Tripartite Cycle Model (TCM): an Alternative Solution for Translating Novels
from English into Indonesian  

Rudi Hartono
English Department
Semarang State University, Indonesia

Arif Suryo Priyatmojo
English Department
Semarang State University, Indonesia


Translating novels is a very complicated and hard job because it has many crucial aspects in the forms of language and contents of message. It is full of specific cultural items that have deep meanings which are difficult for translators to render. This research tried to search the novel translation problems in translation documents, translator’ experiences during translation process, and novel translation readers’ responses, especially on the problems of translating idioms, metaphors, similes, and personifications. This research used a qualitative study with Holistic Criticism Approach (Sutopo, 2006) that focused on novel translation documents (Objective factor), novel translators (Genetic factor), and novel translation readers (Affective factors). The research instruments used were translation documents and interview guides. The data were analyzed by using contrastive analysis (James, 1998) and Interactive Model (Miles and Huberman, 1984). The data of idioms, metaphors, and personifications were analyzed based on the translation strategies that covered translation techniques, methods, and idiology. The research results showed that the translation products were not accurate, natural, and readable yet. Finally as the solution, Tripartite Cycle Model (TCM) was formulated and designed for novel translators in order they can produce good quality of translation products.
Keywords:  Novel translation, Tripartite Cycle Model, Holistic Criticism Approach,  Content Analysis, Interactive model


Rudi Hartono has a PhD of Translation Studies from Applied Linguistics Department of
Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia. He is an English lecturer at English Department of
Languages and Arts Faculty of Semarang State University, Indonesia. His interest focuses
Translation and Cultural Studies, English-Indonesian Translation, and Academic Writing