AWEJ Volume.4 Number.3, 2013                                                                        Pp.31-44

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Translators’ ‘End-Revision’ Processing Patterns and Maxims:
A Think-Aloud Protocol Study

Claire Yi-Yi Shih
Leicester University
United Kingdom


This project investigates translators’ end-revision process by means of think-aloud protocols. It aims to investigate translators’ revision processing patterns and maxims, particularly after their first drafts have been produced (i.e. end-revision). Data suggests that translators manage their time and efforts rather similarly by concentrating mostly on producing their first drafts. Yet, two patterns emerge after the first drafts. One group of translators is found to have a second peak in terms of their processing time and efforts, particularly after a break. The other group of translators is found to simply glance through their drafts without much processing efforts. On the one hand, translators are found to read and process their TT in its own right and handle revision problems as they go along in the drafting phase. On the other hand, they also actively search for potential problems in their TT with potential translation/revision maxims in mind in the end-revision phase. The most prominent type of revision being made is found to be at the lexical level, confirming results from previous studies on revision. In addition, translators are also found to process their drafts in longer chunks without backtracking in later phases of revision.

Keywords: Translation revision, think-aloud protocols, processing patterns, revision maxims, end-revision, cognitive translation process.


Dr. Claire Yi-Yi Shih is a Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Leicester, U.K.
Her main research interest lies in process-oriented translation studies where she published
articles on translation revision in international journals. She is also interested in researching
translation pedagogy particularly on adopting reflective learning journal in translation