AWEJ Special issue on Translation No. (2) 2013                                                                            pp.107-117

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Translation of Islamic Texts and Ideology

Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Al-Harahsheh

Translation Department, Yarmouk University
Irbid, Jordan

This paper aims at studying Islamic texts written by non-Muslims and translated by Muslim students; to investigate the translators’ ideology on these texts. Three Islamic texts written by non-Muslims were translated by 49 undergraduate students at Yarmouk University, Translation Department, as home assignments. CDA method is employed as a theoretical framework for the contemporary study, as it is an influential tool in exploring the employment of ideology in translating religious texts. The paper concludes that Muslim translators are unconsciously influenced by their religious, social and cultural ideologies when they translate text into Arabic.

Keywords: Religious translation, CDA, culture, ideology and Islamic texts.


Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad AL-Harahsheh has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Edith
Cowan University, Western Australia. Currently, I am working as an Assistant professor at
Yarmouk University in Translation Department. I am teaching graduate and undergraduate
courses. My research interest areas include sociolinguistics, pragmatics, semantics, discourse
analysis, conversation analysis,CDA, Mass-media translation, and Religious translation Religious translation