Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Volume. 3 Number. 1 March,2012                                                                                      pp.77-102

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Translation as an Intercultural Communication Encounter: A deconstructive Approach

Ayman Nazzal
Department of English Language
An Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine

The role of the translator is not really distinct from that of the communicator in any typical intercultural communication encounter/ verbal exchange. In both instances the translator as well as the communicator is called upon to deliver what is being intended in the written or spoken linguistic code. Having said that, then the task which both of them is bound to focus on is identical or similar since it presupposes that each person possesses a high level of competence in two linguistic and cultural systems in order to accomplish the very task they are called upon to accomplish. Therefore, the primary goal of this paper is two-fold: to underscore the family resemblance or interconnection between the process of translation and that of intercultural communication encounter; and to underscore the merits of treating translation as an intercultural or inter-lingual act of communication since the constraints which face the translator are quite similar to those which the communicator encounters.

Keywords: Intercultural communication, translation, applied linguistics