Arab World English Journal, December 2016           ASELS Annual Conference Proceedings, 2016 Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco                                                                                                                                      Pp. 72-81

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Towards an ESP Course for Engineering Students in Vocational Schools in Morocco: the Case of the National School of Applied Sciences


  Manar Dahbi
The National School of Applied Sciences -Fes



In engineering studies, students need specific English language practices to communicate effectively in professional settings. This research project was carried out for two main purposes. First, the aim was to evaluate to what extent the English for general purposes courses offered to engineering students at the National School of Applied Sciences of Fes were successful in fulfilling the job requirements of the prospective engineers. And the second purpose was to devise an ESP (English for specific purposes) course that is rather linked to the field of specialization of the respondents and can attend to their vocational needs.  To this end, a “needs analysis questionnaire” was devised to identify these students’ needs in relation to the English language course. The results stressed the significance of English for engineering students. They also identified the students’ lacks, needs and interests regarding English language. The study concluded with some pedagogical implications.
Keywords: English for specific purposes, vocational English, needs analysis, syllabus design