AWEJ Volume.5 Number.3, 2014                                                                      Pp.222-229

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Towards an Action Research Approach to ELT in Morocco: Why, and how ?

Manar Dahbi
Imzouren Secondary School, Imzouren City



While the practice of carrying out action research of various scopes has lately been the academic tradition in English language classrooms in many international contexts, most Moroccan teachers of English devote themselves to the teaching routine, but seldom reflect on the issues underlying the teaching/ learning process. Also, the new educational reform, just like the previous ones, stresses the need to change just teaching methods and textbooks. However, any attempt to change education cannot be achieved without teacher change. The aim of the present paper is to argue for the need to adopt an action research approach to English language teaching in the Moroccan educational system.
Keywords: action research, teacher-research, practitioner-research, reflective practice, professional development.


Dr. Manar Dahbi holds a Ph.D in Applied Linguistics from Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdelah
University, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Fez, Morocco. She teaches English for
business, English for computer engineering, and translation at the National School of Applied
Sciences of Al-Hoceima. She has also a ten year teaching experience as an English secondary
school teacher.