Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7  Number. 4 December, 2016            Pp. 225 – 237

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The  X-Factor Profile Characteristics of English Language Teachers

 in Non-Native Setting

Zarina Othman
Pusat CITRA & Institute of Malaysia and International Studies
UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi Malaysia

 Shahizan Shaharuddin
UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia
Bangi Malaysia

 Azizah Ya’acob
UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia
Bangi Malaysia

Phrases such as ‘learning English is fun’ or ‘English is fun’ are often heard when one speaks about learning English especially in a context where English is not the mother tongue of the learners.  What about when the focus shifts to English language teachers on the other hand, who are non-native speakers of English? The focus on the teacher other than the curriculum, syllabus, material and pedagogy needs considerable attention in promoting effective English language learning. What are the profile characteristics of an English teacher that can help most importantly first boost the students’ motivation and interest to learn English. Studies have explored in general the characteristics of effective language teachers but to what extent has it identified the ‘X’ factors. This paper addresses a discussion on the the profile characteristics of specifically non –native English language teachers. It focuses on the relevance of the ‘qualities’ of English language teachers’ in relations to English teacher attributes specifically.We gathered the views and opinions of English language instructors teaching English at one of the local higher institutions who are non-native and  who have had twenty years’ experience in the field of ELT (English Language Teaching) on what they believe is the X factor characteristics profile of an English language teacher
  Keywords: profiling, characteristics, English language teacher,non-native

Cite as: Othman, Z. Shaharuddin, S. Ya’acob, A. (2016). The  X-Factor Profile Characteristics of English Language Teachers in Non-Native Setting. Arab World English Journal, 7(4).


Zarina Othman is an Associate Professor at Pusat CITRA UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia. She
completed her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in Linguistics) in Lancaster University, United
Kingdom. She was the Deputy Director of Language Proficiency at Pusat CITRA. Currently she
is the Head of Latin American Studies at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies
UKM. Her areas of interest are in Discourse Analysis, Language and Professional