Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) May 2019 Chlef University International Conference Proceedings    Pp. 13-23


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The Use of ICT in Search of Quality of Teaching at the University


Department of French
Faculty of Letters and Foreign Languages
University of Biskra, Algeria




The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) gives another vision of language learning and provides learners a certain pleasure to deal with these languages. The current work aims at shedding light on the existing link between the use of ICT and the improvement of the quality of teaching languages at the university. We will articulate our research around the following questions: what are the implications of using ICT in the process of teaching/learning foreign languages? Does ICT provide more independence for the learner? As a hypothesis, we propose the following: ICT sharpens learners’ willingness and desire to learn while facilitating their access to language and culture. It installs them in a report of independence thus favoring the acquisition of the skills.  To report on this problem, we will rely on a survey conducted within the Center of Intensive Language Teaching of the University of Biskra, Algeria. We used a questionnaire, as a mean of investigation. We subjected our corpus to a quantitative analysis followed by a qualitative interpretative analysis.
Keywords: Algerian context, ICT, languages, quality, teaching

Cite as:   Bedjaoui, N. (2019) The Use of ICT in Search of Quality of Teaching at the University Arab World English JournalMay 2019 Chlef University International Conference Proceedings. 13 -23. DOI:


Dr. Nabila BEDJAOUI, Lecturer at the Department of Foreign Languages, Deputy Director and
Educational Coordinator of the Intensive Language Teaching Center at the University of Biskra,
Algeria. My work is based on the teaching / learning of foreign languages and on the learner’s
representations of languages. I also take care of the trainings which are held in several
administrative positions.