AWEJ Volume.5 Number.1, 2014                                                                    Pp.167-179

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  The Teaching of English Culture in Algerian Secondary Schools: The Case of Second Year Classes


Department of English
University of Khenchela, Algeria

The present study aims to get insight into the current ways culture is introduced in teaching English as foreign language (TEFL) to Algerian secondary school learners. This issue is investigated with reference to the relevant theoretical background, the teachers’ opinions and the second year secondary school textbook “Getting Through”. The results obtained from the teachers’ questionnaire demonstrate that the teaching of culture is rather limited.  The  majority  of  teachers  stated  that  the only  source  used is ‘Getting  Through’ textbook;  however, they assumed  that  most  of the  topics  included  are  general  and offer  little  opportunities  to  discuss  culture  related  topics. Consequently,  students  have  few  and  in  some  cases  have  no  opportunities  to  learn  about  culture  related  activities especially discussions on cultural differences and similarities concerning social habits, values, use of  idioms and slang, non-verbal  communication,  and  the  importance  of  appropriate  choices  for  conversations  in  English.  Based  on  the  theoretical  ground  and  empirical  research  findings,  a  set  of  suggestions  are  provided  to  offer  useful ways for teachers to focus more on cultural content in English lessons, as well as to supply textbooks  with cultural elements.
Key words: culture, EFL classes, culture related activities, EFL textbooks, intercultural communicative competence.