Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.2 June, 2016                                          Pp.445-456

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The State of Scientific Research and Research Training in Moroccan Universities:
Doctoral Students’ Perceptions

  Abdelaziz Zohri
National school of business and management
LASMO Lab University Hassan I.
Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco




The present paper intends to focus on research training in Moroccan universities through investigating doctoral students’ perceptions of this training and drawing conclusions and suggestions for the improvement of higher education research practices. This study used a mixed research method with an explanatory survey design. First, a survey was conducted with 144 Moroccan doctoral students to answer research questions on the integration of research courses in undergraduate curriculum, the quality of this research training and the difficulties facing students while conducting research. Then, interviews were carried out with 40 subjects to seek further explanations and triangulate data obtained through the questionnaire. The findings of this study indicate that doctoral students receive little practical training in research prior to starting doctoral studies. Thus, they undergo a myriad of challenges while writing their doctoral theses as they lack autonomy when it comes to carrying out their investigations. Most often these challenges are linked to narrowing the scope of their research, using appropriate methodology, and publishing their research findings. Besides, the students reported difficulties linked with the quality of supervision they get and the lack of financial support to conduct their research in optimal conditions. Based on these findings, some practical implications and recommendations have been drawn.
Key words: academic research, higher education, research in the Arab world, research skills, scientific research, training for research  

Cite as:  Zohri, A.   (2016). The State of Scientific Research and Research Training in Moroccan Universities: Doctoral Students’ Perceptions.  Arab World English Journal,7 (2).


Abdelaziz Zohri is a professor of Business English at the National School of Business and
Management, university Hassan I in Morocco. He holds a doctorate degree in education from
university Mohammed V, Faculty of education science. He has been teaching EFL for 13 years
in high schools, Prep classes and then at university. His research interests include the social
psychology of education, evaluation of educational systems, applied linguistics, mobile learning