Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia, December 2019       Pp. 188 -206

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The Relevance of Doing Virtual Classes: A Study of Postgraduate Female Students Attitudes and

Messadah Shaye Al-qahtani
English Department, College of languages & translation
King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia


The purpose of this study is to examine the attitudes and perceptions of postgraduate female students towards attending virtual classes under the Applied Linguistics and Translation program at King Khalid University (KKU). So, the main question is what are the attitudes and perceptions of postgraduate female students? Moreover, the chief concern of this paper is not only to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using virtual classes but also identifies the factors which affect the students’ attitudes and perception towards using virtual classes. This paper is the first to investigate the postgraduate female students’ attitudes and perceptions towards using the virtual classes in the master program at KKU. Twenty-three postgraduate students participated in this study. This study uses an electronic questionnaire to collect data. Moreover, it employs Microsoft (Excel) to produce percentages and mean scores from the questionnaire’s closed questions. Also, it analyzes the questionnaire’s opened questions by using content analysis. The results show that there are positive reactions (3.91 mean scores) from the students who use the virtual classes. Furthermore, the findings reveal that students faced some difficulties, such as technical problems (Internet connection (75%), sound problem (12.50%), and KKU blackboard problems (12.50%). Moreover, students’ perception of interaction (12.73 mean scores), usefulness, and ease of the use (26.78 mean scores) of virtual classes differ significantly. Also, many positive and negative factors affect the students’ attitudes and perceptions through using virtual classes. Finally, the results of this study will be useful for academic society and any person involved in using virtual classes.
Keywords: attitudes, online learning, perceptions, Saudi female student, virtual classes

Cite as:  Al-qahtani, M. S. (2019). The Relevance of Doing Virtual Classes: A Study of Postgraduate Female Students’ Attitudes and Perceptions. Arab World English Journal, Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia. 188 -206


Messadah Shaye Al-qahtani holds the degree of Master in Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from
the College of languages & translation, Department of English Language, King Khalid University, 2019.
She is interested generally in linguistics and especially in Applied linguistics. ORCID: