Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Translation No.5 May, 2016                                 Pp.66  -76

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 The Metaphor of Time as Embodied in Al-ʿAşr Sura- a Comparative Study 

As’ad  J. Abu Libdeh
Department of English Language and Translation.
Applied Science Private University
Amman, Shafa Badran, Jordan



This article investigates the metaphor of time as embodied in Al-ʿAşr Sura in the Glorious Quran. To do this, a comparison between the concept of time as conceptualized in contemporary Western society is contrasted with that in Islam is made. The paper opens up with an introduction about Al-ʿAşr Sura as being the chapter which exclusively handles the concept of time. It poses a problem and proposes a solution as to how man can spend his lifetime in a fruitful, constructive way, not only in his own interest but also in the interest of the entire community. The solution is made up of a series of actions, the first of which (i.e. ēmān) makes the foundation for all other actions which are doing righteous deeds, and exchanging advice to cling to the right and to patience. Data analysis is performed via semantic analysis rather than a syntactic one. The article comes to four conclusions: (a) Man is time (b) Man is a social human being by nature, (c) Islam has the best recipe as to how man, by putting himself in the service of the entire society, becomes a winner not only in this life but also in the Hereafter, and (d) time continuum in Islam does not end with man’s death as disbelievers believe; rather, life after death is a continuation of life on earth. This should give hope to the oppressed in this world and intimidate the oppressor.
Key words: Al-ʿAşr Sura, man, metaphor, society, time


Dr. As’ad J. Abu Libdeh is an Associate Professor of Translation and Linguistics. I Obtained
my PhD from Heriot-Watt University/Scotland in 1991. I have been teaching at the Applied
Science Private University since 2001. My main interest is metaphor and discourse analysis