rab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 4. December 2018                                              Pp.211-220
DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24093/awej/vol9no4.15

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The Influence of Lecturers’ Language Style
toward Higher Students’ Psychological Condition  in Indonesia 

Batmang Batmang
Arabic Education Department, Teacher Training and Education Faculty
Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari, Kendari, Indonesia

 Fahmi Gunawan
English Education Department, Teacher Training and Education Faculty
Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari, Kendari, Indonesia

  Iskandar Abdul Samad
English Education Department, Teacher Training and Education Faculty
Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

 Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad
Center of Languages and Human Development, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia
Melaka, Malaysia



Human beings need to interact and communicate with each other in their lif . This interaction and communication may appear in different language styles. This is much more influenced by a situation or place where communication takes place. In class, for example, the language utilized by lecturers in the class room is different from others. This research aims at exploring lecturers’ language style and its implication to student’s psychological condition in Indonesia. The main question in this research is what kind of language style used by the lecturer in the learning process? does the using of lecturers’ language style influence students’ psychological condition? What are the factors that affect the presence of lecturers’ language style? This research used the grounded theory method by Keraf language style theory (2006), perlocutionary act theory of Austin (1962), and Leech’s politeness theory (1983). This research was conducted at Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari, Indonesia. Observation, in-depth interviews, and documentation were used as data collection. The results indicated that (1) there were two kinds of lecturers’ language styles which are always delivered to students, namely language style based on sentence structures and language  style based on  directness and indirectness of  meaning (2)  the using of that language style has  a great influence  on students’ psychological  condition. There are three psychological conditions of the students, they are motivation, self-efficacy, and interpersonal relation. Each of them creates a positive and negative condition, (3) The using of language styles were influenced by some factors, namely culture and ethnicity.
Keywords: Higher education, Language Style, Psychological Condition, University lecturer

Cite as:  Batmang, B., Gunawan, F., Abdul Samad, I., & Saad, M.S.M. (2018). The Influence of Lecturers’ Language Style toward  Higher Students’ Psychological Condition  in Indonesia. Arab World English Journal, 9 (4), 211-220.
DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24093/awej/vol9no4.15

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Batmang is a senior lecturer at Institut Agama Islam Negeri Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi,
Indonesia. He has been teaching at the university since 2000. He completed his PhD in applied
Linguistics from Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013. ID Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-