AWEJ. Special Issue on Translation No.3 May, 2014                                                                  Pp. 95 – 104

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The Importation of the Holy Quran into English: Governing Factors in the Translating Process

Abobaker Ali M. Alsaleh Brakhw
Universiti Utara Malaysia

Sharifah Fazliyaton Shaik Ismail
Universiti Utara Malaysia


The current paper reviews briefly the literature on the translation of Holy Quran and articulates several factors that influenced the process of translating it.  These factors are linguistic, stylistic, and personal. The first two refer to the inimitable style of the Holy Quran and the figurative speech employed in its structure, while personal factors are related to the knowledge and ideology of the translator. This paper seeks to establish a theoretical understanding of the factors that governed and shaped the translations of the Holy Quran to open arenas for future investigation of its translations, specifically the English translations, and provide suggestions to overcome the limitations of the translations.
Keywords: Factors, language, meaning, Quran, translation


Mr. Abobaker Ali M Alsaleh Brakhw obtained his BA in English language from Garyounis
University in Libya in 1997 and he received his Master degree in Interpreting and translation
studies in 2006 from Academy of Graduate Studies in Benghazi – Libya. Currently, Mr Brakhw
is doing his PhD in University Utara Malaysia in the field of translation the Holy Quran.