Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Volume.3 Number.3, 2012                                                                                                pp. 138 – 153

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The Importance of Participatory Evaluation in Achieving Quality and Accreditation

Dr. Abdullah Al Fraidan
English Language Department
King Faisal University,
Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Almost all academic institutions around the world – and in Saudi Arabia in particular – are looking to accredit both themselves and their academic programmes, and in accordance with this, The Department of English Language (DEL) at King Faisal University (KFU) is seeking to accredit its programme in English Language. One step towards achieving this goal would be to survey and review key aspects, notions, and systems in programme evaluation, especially those employed by others locally, regionally, and internationally. Therefore, this paper will shed some light on different methods of evaluation, and stress the importance of participatory evaluation in the quest to assure quality and achieve accreditation.

Keywords: Programme; evaluation; participatory; quality; accreditation; quantitative; qualitative.


Dr. Al Fraidan received his MA and PhD from Essex University, UK. He is working as an
assistant professor in the English Language Department at King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
since 2010 up to now. He is holding three positions at King Faisal university: Vice-dean of Elearning & Distance Education Deanship, Head of the English Language Department, Director of
the English Language Centre.