Arab World English Journal, August 2015    Bejaia University, International Conference Proceedings – 2015

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The Implementation of the CBLT in Algeria: from Euphoria to Bitter Criticism

Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of English
University of Oran II, Algeria


This article explores the gap which exists between the spirit, principles and objectives of the Competency Based Approach to Language Teaching (henceforth, CBLT) and its implementation in the Algerian educational context. The euphoria that prevailed in Algeria around the CBLT and the Educational Reform led, later on, to bitter criticism on its official implementation and its actual application and practices. Some observations are made on how this approach has been implemented since September 2003. These are based on issues related to what has been done for the CBLT at the institutional level and what the reality is at school. Classroom observation and practices and outside school behaviours of both pupils and teachers are indicative of the distancing between institutional decisions and field realism. Some factors related to the socio-educational environment in which this approach was introduced are examined and discussed. The article raises the question on the hiatus between myth, reality and challenges concerning the issue on the CBLT in Algeria.
Key words: Algeria, competencies, education, foreign languages, teacher-training


Farouk Bouhadiba; is a professor specialized in Linguistics, sociolinguistics, ELT translation
and ICT. He has been teaching at university since 1988. Farouk held many pedagogic,
administrative and scientific positions both nationally and internationally. He is an active
member in higher education as a member in the ministry‟s staff, an expert in many journals and
he is the editor-in-chief d two journals. Farouk Bouhadiba is known for his active work as a
researcher and an educator. He has more than 30 publications (papers, chapters of books, books
and textbooks) as he is the creator of many post-graduate programmes in Algeria. He has been
invited as a visiting professor in many universities in France, UK, Spain, Qatar and the USA.