Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Proceedings of  2nd  MEC TESOL Conference   2020                   Pp.400-415

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The Impact of the Virtual Programs in Promoting English Language Learning in the
Context of Middle East College

Zainab Al-Ajmi
Center for Foundation Studies   Middle East College



Over the last decades, individual and groups were extremely using face to face strategy to attain a native language and make advising associated with English language learning as there were a few applications of the online platforms incorporating in some enterprises, including pedagogic institutions. In this status quo, there is the rapid implementation of these programs, especially during the outbreak of Covid-19. Nowadays, many scholars affirmed the cooperation between virtual programs and language learning as they are overlapping and go hand in hand to cope with the immediate changes across the instructive institutions. This research will outline one of the fundamental topics, which is the role of an organizational platform to mitigate literacy and elevate the learner’s language learning level. Initially, it will entirely answer the core questions in this paper: What is the virtual platform and its significance in the education field? Then, it will demonstrate a critical understanding of the significance of the online platform to promote English language learning on some contemporary theories. Later, a questionnaire will be disseminated to a group of General Foundation Program (GFP) students to collect their standpoint towards learning the English language through a virtual program. It will ultimately showcase an example of online learning applications, an initial move to a hypothesis where the two e-learning types, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom  are introduced, including a concise conversation the traits and weaknesses of each. Adding to that, the student’s perspective towards these platforms in the context of English language learning.
Keywords: Covid-19, educational organization, English language learning, General Foundation
Program learners, Microsoft Teams, online platforms, Kaizala

Cite as:  Al-Ajmi, Z. (2020). The Impact of the Virtual Programs in Promoting English Language Learning in the Context of Middle East College.
Arab World English Journal(AWEJ). Proceedings of 2nd MEC TESOLConference 2020: 400-415.


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Zainab AL-Ajmi is an experienced English Language instructor who has been teaching for the
past seven years at Middle East College, Oman. Her experience with foundation program students
led to the idea behind conducting this research to understand the impact of virtual programs in
promoting English language learning, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic.