Arab World English Journal, December 2016          ASELS Annual Conference Proceedings, 2016 Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco                                                                                                                                     Pp. 82-96

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The Impact of Interest on EFL Learners’ Performance


Abdelaziz Zohri
University Hassan I, ENCG Settat,
Settat, Mprocco


This study sought to investigate Moroccan EFL students’ perceptions of the factors behind their interest and disinterest in university courses. Besides, it tried to explain how and why their interest in English as a major has increased or declined. Finally, the researcher tried to investigate whether or not there is a relationship between students’ interest and their achievement outcomes. 132 EFL university students took part in this study. Data was collected using group interviews and a students’ interest scale (SIS). The results indicated that students attributed their interest to content that provides them with novelty, competence and challenge and courses that engage them and develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. On the other hand, students blamed teachers, teaching methods and difficulty for their lack of interest in a course. Most students reported that their interest has increased and explained that by factors like mastery, goal-direction and language status. The results also indicated a positive relationship between students’ level of interest and their achievement outcomes.
Key wordsEFL, Higher education, Interest, interest development, learners’ performance, learning motivation