Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.8 Number4 December 2017                                           Pp 49 -67

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The Impact of Dialogic Teaching on English Language Learners’ Speaking and Thinking Skills

 Ishraga Bashir Mohammed Elhassan
English and literature Department, Faculty of Arts
Al-Neelain University, Sudan

Mohammed  Idris Adam
English Department
University of Alfashir, Sudan


This paper aims to investigate the influence of dialogic teaching on the development of the learners’ speaking skills and critical thinking. It is questioning why Sudanese tertiary students are unable to express themselves efficiently and comfortably. This seems crucial and imperative for a college student and it shouldn’t shape any obstacle as a prerequisite for future development. Accordingly, this paper poses a significant issue that every learner of English needs to ponder. To collect data for the study, three tools has been used; a questionnaire, an interview and an observational checklist. The questionnaire was distributed throughout the students of second, third and fourth year university students who had been selected from different Sudanese universities. The collected data is analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. Data analysis has shown that dialogic teaching enables students to develop the skills of argumentation, questioning and debate which contribute to the development of their critical thinking and speaking skills. Generally, the findings indicate that authentic dialogic teaching components are effective if students are given enough time to practice its skills. Hence recommendations for exposing learners to a variety of medium of speaking like dialogues, debate, argumentation and questioning are made to facilitate teachers to be more well-informed with dialogic teaching approach.
Key words:  dialogic teaching, English language learners, speaking skill critical thinking skills

Cite as:  Elhassan, I. B. M., & Adam, M.  I. (2017). The Impact of Dialogic Teaching on English Language Learners’ speaking and Thinking Skills.
Arab World English Journal, 8 (4).