Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.4  December, 2016                 Pp. 80 – 96

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 The Ideology of American English as Standard English in Taiwan

Jackie Chang
English Department,
National Pingtung University
Pingtung City, Taiwan



English language teaching and learning in Taiwan usually refers to American English teaching and learning. Taiwan views American English as Standard English. This is a strictly perceptual and ideological issue, as attested in the language school promotional materials that comprise the research data. Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) was employed to analyze data drawn from language school promotional materials. The results indicate that American English as Standard English (AESE) ideology is prevalent in Taiwan. American English is viewed as correct, superior and the proper English language version for Taiwanese people to compete globally. As a result, Taiwanese English language learners regard native English speakers with an American accent as having the greatest prestige and as model teachers deserving emulation. This ideology has resulted in racial and linguistic inequalities in contemporary Taiwanese society. AESE gives Taiwanese learners a restricted knowledge of English and its underlying culture. It is apparent that many Taiwanese people need tore-examine their taken-for-granted beliefs about AESE.
Keywords: American English as Standard English (AESE),Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), ideology, inequalities

Cite as: Chang, J. (2016). The Ideology of American English as Standard English in Taiwan. Arab World English Journal, 7(4)   DOI


Dr. Jackie Chang is an assistant professor at National Pingtung University in Taiwan. Chang
teach English teaching methodology and curriculum design and evaluation for elementary school
English teaching. The focus of Chang’s research interest is the teaching and learning of English
as a Foreign Language (EFL), in particular, the social, cultural, and political contexts of EFL.