AWEJ Volume.4 Number.3, 2013                                                                                         Pp.331- 345

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The Effectiveness of Reading Techniques Used in a Saudi Arabian Secondary School  Classroom as Perceived by Students and Teachers: A Study of Methods Used in Teaching English and their Effectiveness 

Amel Al Nooh
Modern languages School, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Hull, United Kingdoms



This paper describes a study conducted in Saudi Arabia regarding the effectiveness of currently employed strategies of teaching English reading skills in the country, taking into consideration the points of view both of teachers and students. The findings highlight significant discrepancies between the variously perceived usefulness of common strategies. Another problematic area identified is the lack of support mechanisms that should supplement the classroom teaching of reading skills. The paper makes certain recommendations towards furthering the teaching of English reading skills to Saudi students.

Keywords: EFL/ESL, English Language, Pedagogy, Reading Skills, Saudi Arabia


Amel Al Nooh: PhD candidate, Modern languages school, University of Hull, UK. Lecturer for
Arabic Passport. University of Hull. MA TESOL and Applied Linguistics, UCLan, UK, 2010.
English language supervisor in the Ministry of Education. English teacher for of secondary
schools13 years in Saudi Arabia. Bachelor degree from King Saud University, the field of
translation, 1994.
Professor Marina Mozzon-McPherson, Head of Modern Languages School in the Faculty of
Arts and Social Sciences, University of Hull, UK and is the Regional Director of Routes into
languages programme (Yorkshire and the Humber Consortium) and the Principal investigator of
two European projects: JOYN and EUROVERSITY