AWEJ, Special Issue on CALL No.1 July, 2014                                                   Pp.67- 80

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The Effect of Using the iPad on Students’ Performance in Writing and Reading
Comprehension: Pilot Study Report


Marielle Patronis
Department of English and Writing Studies, University College
Zayed University, Dubai International Academic City
Dubai, U.A.E



This pilot study aimed to examine the pedagogical potential of integrating mobile tablets, the iPad, into academic writing at Zayed University undergraduate courses. In spring semester 2014, 77 students were randomly assigned reading and writing activities in which the same groups used a traditional bound print text and pen on one occasion and iPads on another to access equivalent text through Blackboard content. Standardized teacher assessments and surveys were conducted as part of the class activity. While the majority of students strongly felt that the iPad could assist them in their reading and writing performance, their standarised test results revealed no significant positive impact on their performance. However, the study needs to be conducted on a larger sample to ascertain the validity of these preliminary results before a clear conclusion is drawn.
Keywords: iPad, mobile learning, reading, writing.


Dr. Marielle Patronis has over 30 years experience as a University Professor and a
language teacher and over ten years experience in blended e-learning design,
development and delivery of courses. Her research interest lies in the pedagogy of online
learning. She presented in numerous national and internationals conferences.