AWEJ Volume.4 Number.1, 2013                                                     pp. 175-188

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The Effect of Using Online Tools on Ninth Grade Jordanian Students’ Vocabulary Learning


Abdallah Ahmad Baniabdelrahman
Curriculum and Instruction Department
Yarmouk University



This study investigated the effect of using integrating online tools – games, You Tube and digital storytelling, which are embedded in a wiki, on students’ vocabulary learning in EFL classroom. The participants of this study consisted of two ninth grade male students classroom sections and two female classroom sections of the same grade (70 male, and 70 female students) in Irbid city in Jordan. One male and one female ninth grade classroom sections were assigned to be the experimental group and the other two sections (one male and one female) to represent the control group. The study tried to answer the question: Are there significant differences in EFL students’ achievement in the vocabulary post-test due to the method of teaching: method of using integrating online tools and the traditional method?
Performance results on the post-test revealed that the experimental group showed better improvement in their vocabulary achievement in comparison with the improvement of the control group regardless of their gender. The study recommended to examine the effect of using these online tools on students’ achievement in the other language skills, sub-skills and language components.

Key words: CALL, Online tools, EFL students writing


Dr. Abdallah Ahmad Baniabdelrahman is an associate professor of curriculum and instruction
of the English language at the Curriculum and Instruction Department in the faculty of
education/ Yarmouk University in Jordan. He has published more than twenty studies in teaching
English as a foreign language and in the use of technology in teaching English