Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.8 Number4 December 2017                                         Pp. 85-100

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The Effect of Using Authentic Videos on Training Center and Community Service
Students’Prosodic Competence and Motivation

 Ibrahim Mahmoud Bani Al-Domi
  Training &Community Service Center, King Saud University
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




This study aims at investigating the effect of using authentic videos on training center and community service students’ prosodic competence and motivation. Its sample consisted of 50 male students randomly chosen from Training Center and Community Service at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, and assigned to experimental and control groups of 25 students per each. Its data were gathered within a two- month period using a pre-post-test design for equivalent groups. The researcher taught both groups deliberately using contrasting instructional approaches; the first were solely exposed to textbook content, excluding all visual aids throughout the process; whereas the second had authentic videos incorporated. As his work pressed ahead,  these methodological techniques  variably had a visible influence on the trainees’ in-class interactivity, attentiveness, and keenness to grasp information. Accordingly, the findings show the experimental group’s students bolstered their prosodic competence and motivation. To recap, the use of authentic videos in teaching and learning English has a positive effect on the said prosodic competence and motivation domains.
Keywords: authentic videos, exposure, motivation, prosodic competence, trainee students

Cite as:  Al-Domi, I. M. B. (2017). The Effect of Using Authentic Videos on Training Center and Community Service Students’ Prosodic Competence and Motivation. Arab World English Journal, 8 (4).


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Domi is an Assistant Professor in the Training & Community Service Center at
King Saud University (KSU) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Dr. Al-Domi specializes
in teaching Language Curricula & Instruction, Testing, Composition, English to college-level
learners and diverse training courses for in-community students.