Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.4  December, 2016              Pp.  42-62

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The Effect of Reflection-Supported Process-Based Writing Teaching on Iraqi EFL Students’ Writing Performance and Attitude 

Salam Hamid Abbas
Department of Education & Psychology
College of Education/Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences
University of Baghdad
Baghdad, Iraq



The study aims at finding out the effect of process-based writing teaching supported by students’ reflection on their performance in, and attitude toward writing. It hypothesizes that there is no statistically significant difference between the mean score of the experimental group taught writing according to the reflection-supported process-based approach and the control group taught writing according to the process-based approach in the writing performance test and writing attitude scale. To achieve the aims of the study, two second year sections in the Department of English of the College of Education/ Ibn Rushd for Human Sciences are randomly assigned as the experimental and control groups with 43 and 45 students respectively. The experiment in this study lasts for 15 weeks during which both groups are taught writing according to the process approach and given one writing assignment per week. Only the experimental group students are required to reflect on their writing performance in every writing assignment by using a reflection sheet prepared for this purpose. At the end of the experiment, the two instruments of the study, i.e., a writing performance test and attitude toward writing scale are administered on both groups. The statistical manipulation of the results achieved shows that supporting the process orientation to writing teaching with a phase of students reflection on their writing performance is effective in developing their writing performance and helping them formulate positive attitude toward writing. In the light of the results and conclusions achieved, a set of recommendations is put forward.
Keywords: attitude toward writing, reflection on learning, writing as a process, writing performance

Cite as: Abbas, S. H.(2016). The Effect of Reflection-Supported Process-Based Writing Teaching on Iraqi EFL Students’ Writing Performance and Attitude. Arab World English Journal, 7(4)   DOI