Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.2 July, 2015                                          Pp. 183 – 194

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The effect of CALL proposed Program on University Students’ Achievement in English  

Ali Sabah Jameel Al-Khayyat
Department of English Language
Faculty of Education
University of Anbar, Iraq


The study aimed at investigating the impact of CALL program on the Iraqi students’ achievement in English. The participants of the study were 38 students from the Second stage at the English Department who were purposefully chosen from Cihan University in Sulaymaniyah province in the Kurdistan of Iraq. They were assigned to an treatment group and to a control group. Seventeen students (who had laptop computers) were assigned to the experimental (treatment) group, and 21 students to the control group. The instruments of the study is a CALL program (JavaScript), and pre-post achievement test. The findings of the study indicated that using CALL had a positive effect on the experimental group students’ achievement. Based on the results of the current study, the researcher presented some recommendations in this paper.
Keywords: CALL program, E-learning, TEFL via technology , UNECEF computer program, computerized text.


Ali Sabah Jameel Al- Khayyat Ph.D (English Language Curriculum and Instruction) Faculty
of Education, Yarmouk University – Jordan. Instructor at University of Anbar, faculty of
Education, English Language Department , Iraq since January, 2013. Teaching undergraduate
and post graduate courses at English Department.