Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Literature No.3 October, 2015                   Pp. 153-166

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The Concept of Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and Robert Frost:
A Comparative Study 

 Muthanna Z. Almiqdady
Department of English Language and Literature, Ajloun National University

Abdel-Rahman H. Abu-Melhim
Department of English Language and Literature, Al-Balqa’ Applied University,

Mahmoud A. Al-Sobh
Department of English Language and Literature, Ajloun National University,


This research aims to investigate the different meanings for the term “nature”. Moreover, it seeks to identify the major similarities and differences in the use of nature in the poetry of William Wordsworth and Robert Frost. Since this research is theoretical in nature, it depends primarily on reviewing already published works on the topic. The researchers consulted a significant number of published references on the topic as well as specialized literary dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and the internet. The research concludes that the term “nature” has not always had the same meaning or carries the same level of significance.  Also, the concept of nature in British literature should be studied, not only as it was employed by English romantic poets, but also as it was used by authors before and after the English Romantic Movement in order to see if nature was used in the same way.  Moreover, scholars and literary critics should also research the concept of nature as used in the United States of America before and after Robert frost. Finally, the use of nature in poetry that reflects meditation under the influence of the bible should be explored especially that composed by early colonial poets.
Keywords: Frost, nature, romanticism, transcendentalism, Wordsworth.


Muthanna Z. Almiqdady graduated from the department of English language and literature at
Ajloun National University in Jordan receiving his B.A. in English in 2014. In 2015, he joined
the M.A. program in English literature at Al Al-Bayt University. His research interests include:
English literature and American cultural studies.