AWEJ Volume.4 Number.1, 2013                                                                        pp. 158 – 165

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The Competency Based Language Teaching in the Algerian Middle School: From EFL Acquisition Planning to its Practical Teaching/Learning

Tlemcen University,



Algeria has adopted a new educational system called ‘the Educational Reform’ characterised by using the Competency Based Approach (CBA). Its goal is to modernise and develop education to face globalisation requirements. This reform, thus, introduces new dimensions related to globalisation like introducing ICT’s use and focusing on foreign languages teaching without falling into the trap of losing one’s identity and acculturation. This goal is not an easy task to accomplish, especially when it comes to language planning. The concern of the present paper is to give a panoramic view on EFL policy in the Algerian educational system, with focus on the middle school level, and its different objectives seen by policy makers. It attempts to have a bird’s eye view on the general situation of EFL teaching/learning in the Algerian educational system after the adoption  the Algerian classroom, and analyses them showing to which extent they might hinder the development of EFL teaching/ learning classroom.of the CBLT method; (the Competency Based Language Teaching). Eventually, it unveils some practical problems faced in

Keywords: EFL, The Algerian Educational Reform, CBLT, Acquisition, Planning- Practical Teaching/ Learning


Miss Lamia BENADLA has a master degree and is preparing a doctorate in sociolinguistics.
She has been concerned with educational linguistics, language policy, and interaction in
classroom settings. She had a three years experience as a teacher of English in the Algerian
middle school, which permitted her to make reflections on EFL acquisition planning in Algeria