Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 4 December 2019                                      Pp.112 -120

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 The 4mat Model in English Language Teaching 

Basmah Issa Ahmad AlSaleem
Language Center
The World Islamic Sciences and Education University


Abstract :
This paper aims at highlighting the 4MAT Model as a teaching procedure in teaching English Language for undergraduate students at colleges and Universities. Moreover, the current study tries to focus on using the 4MAT model as a framework for teaching and learning English as a Foreign Language based on the principles of learning methods and their relationship to the learning cycle. The results of the study indicate that the learning cycle is designed 4 MAT with four learning styles. Each quarter is appropriate for teaching methods, which were used depending on the dominance of the right or left hemisphere of the learner’s brain in order to be suitable for all types of learners.
Key words: 4MAT Model, English Language, and undergraduate students, University teaching techniques

Cite as:  AlSaleem, B. I. A.(2019). The 4mat Model in English Language Teaching. Arab World English Journal10 (4) 112 -120.


Dr. Basmah Issa Ahmad Al-Saleem, An EFL Associate Professor at The World Islamic Science
and Education University, WISE, Amman – Jordan. She holds a doctorate degree from Yarmouk
University in TEFL in 2010. She received a Diploma in TESOL from Columbia University in New
York in 2009. She also holds the American Professional Certificate of English Teachers from SIT Institution, New York 2012.Currently,she is the representative of SIT in MENA Region to train
English Teachers. ORCID ID: