Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.8Number.2 June, 2017                        Pp.208 – 227

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Teaching Writing to Second Language Learners: Bench-marking Strategies
for Classroom

Syed Sarwar Hussain
Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies
College of Languages and Translation
King Saud University, Riyadh,Saudi Arabia



This study assesses teaching writing skills to the second language learners by utilizing bench-marking strategies of classroom. The study has used mixed approach of qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate learning and writing skills of second language among 400 students from different primary and secondary schools in Riyadh. The teachers were instructed to fill an assessment form to evaluate skills of students in learning second language through Bench-marking techniques of brainstorming, fable writing, speed writing, loop writing, and mini saga. The data was analyzed using a statistical software (SPSS) 20.0 version. Cross tabulation technique has been applied on the data collected through questionnaires to observe the appropriate responses of the teachers. The results revealed that 75% of the students were interested in learning writing in second language. Brainstorming technique (56.3%) was found to be most popular among the students and teachers. The majority of the teachers (84.4%) believe that acquiring writing skills is the toughest task for the second language learners. Moreover, brainstorming (p=0.000), narrating fables (p=0.002), and loop writing (0.000) were significant among students for learning second language. It has been concluded that the technique of brainstorming was effective among the students to learn writing skills in second language.
Keywords:second language, brainstorming, loop writing, speed writing, mini saga, fable writing

Cite as: Hussain, S.S. (2017). Teaching Writing to Second Language Learners: Bench-marking Strategies for Classroom.
Arab World English Journal, 8