Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.4 December  2015                                            Pp.153 –  165  

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Teaching Pronunciation: Revisited 

Mohamed Basil  Al-Azzawi
Department of Translation, University of Mosul

Lazgin Kheder S. Barany
Department. of EnglishUniversity of Duhok


This work investigates a controversial subject, viz. the teaching of pronunciation. Numerous works have been written about the subject with various views, objectives and theoretical stands. This work takes into consideration the conceptions of both English language teachers and students at college levels. Thirty-two subjects from three universities: Mosul, Duhok and Salahddin were asked whether pronunciation is teachable and at which level; whether to be taught separately as a subject, or in conjunction with other oral skills, and whether the objective behind teaching it is fluency, or accuracy or intelligibility and finally who is a good pronunciation teacher. The study hypothesizes that pronunciation is teachable, separately and in conjunction with other skills for at least two years for the sake of fluency, accuracy and intelligibility by qualified and experienced teachers. The results of the analysis validated these hypotheses in varying degrees. Teaching pronunciation is of paramount important in English language teaching; it could be taught separately but also   integrated with listening , speaking skills , oral comprehension and grammar. Also it has been found that pronunciation should be taught at college level at one or more than one level; teachers of pronunciation should relate to the notions of fluency and accuracy achieving a balance of form and function. They are better qualified if they have majored in phonetics and English phonology.
Keywords: Applied Linguistics; ELT; English phonetics and phonology; fluency and accuracy; Iraqi universities; teaching of pronunciation; TESOL


Dr. Mohamed Basil K. Al-Azzawi, Professor, Department of Translation , Mosul University,
read for his Diploma & MA in applied & general linguistics at the University of Reading, UK,
1978-1980. He was also awarded his PhD in English lang. &linguistics in 2002. He was head of
the department of translation before he became dean of the college above from 2003-2012.