Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.3September, 2016                                       Pp. 251-258

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Teaching American Civilization Effectively: A Melange of Professional Development

El-Alia Wafaâ ZAGHAR
University of Oran 2 – Mohamed Ben Ahmed –
Faculty of Foreign Languages
Department of English
Oran, Algeria

In today’s technology driven-world, professional development affirms that it can open-up channels of communication, assure collegiality among peers, help gain practical classroom ideas, and result in attaining higher levels of learning among the students. A closer inspection of English as a foreign language (EFL) teaching at the University of Oran -2- reveals that such opportunities are not offered and mainly in the teaching of American civilization, which remains till present times covered in the traditional way and is described as being inadequate. This digest proposes an intervention that seeks to redress this situation through the implementation of professional development procedures within classrooms of a population of 2nd year EFL learners furthering their studies under the Licence-Master-Doctorate (LMD) system. This research work aims at proposing a teaching based on professional development strategies that may enable instructors to reflect on their own behaviours and classroom practices,  as well as better detect their learners’ motivations and expectations. As a major research question, this study focuses on the effects perceived by EFL teachers when incorporating these strategies in their classrooms. To gather convenient information, a case study is carried out based on a triangular approach encompassing questionnaires, interviews, and classroom observation. Results show that the integration of these initiatives helped teachers better liaise with their learners, maintain high professional standards, and ameliorate their students’ academic deficits. Given their strengths, EFL teachers are then recommended to include these professional methods in their syllabuses and put them into action.
KeywordsAmerican civilization teaching, EFL learners, LMD environment, Professional development

Cite as: ZAGHAR, E.W.(2016) Teaching American Civilization Effectively: A Melange of Professional Development Procedures.   Arab World English Journal, 7 (3).


El-Alia Wafaâ ZAGHAR is a lecturer at the University of Oran -2- in Algeria. She earns an
MA in Didactics from the University of Tlemcen in Algeria. She is currently undertaking a
doctoral research in the same specialism. Her main areas of teaching, research and interests
comprise Cultural Studies, English for Specific Purposes (ESP), Linguistics, Research
Methodology, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and Teacher Education.