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Name of researcher: Dr. Samira Boukadi  Haj Sassi
Title of the thesis: Teachers’ Perceptions About The Future Of English Language Teaching And Learning In Tunisia After The 2011 Revolution
Subject : TESOL and Language Policy
University name Department name: The University of Exeter, UK
Year of award: 2013
Supervisor: Dr. Salah Troudi





Since 1994, various policies and guidelines, pertaining to modifying the language policy in Tunisia have been disseminated. All of these policies highlighted the importance of English as a global language. Despite all these policies and guidelines, the English language is still experiencing problems within schools and society alike. These problems prevent the language from developing and functioning accurately in the country. The actual requirements of English language learning are still not integrated into the general considerations of the political agenda. In order to determine what factors teachers perceive as important with regard to the situation of the English language in Tunisia a combination of qualitative and quantitative research approaches were conducted. The data was gathered by means of an intensive literature study, as well as utilisation of surveys and interviews. After analysing the data, specific conclusions were reached. The findings of my research indicate certain trends, for instance the discrepancy between policy makers’ practises and the teachers’ expectations of change. Additionally, the research highlighted teachers’ needs and desires for a better future. Certain recommendations in this regard have been made. Recommendations on how a clear vision could assist with the attainment of the best linguistic situation in Tunisia have also been made. The recommendations with regard to the study could be utilised to support the national educational reform post revolution in Tunisia in order to promote English language teaching and cope with globalization across the world.
Keywords: globalization,  language policy, linguistic situation, strategic planning, teaching English as a foreign language,

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