Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.3 September, 2016                                                      Pp. 51-64

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Teachers Are in Great Demand in the Digital Age 


Nazmi Tawfiq Al-Shalabi
Department of English Language and Literature
 Faculty of Arats , the Hashemite University
Zarqa, Jordan



It  is  claimed   that  technology  in  the  digital  age  can  shoulder  the  responsibility  of  teaching and  that   teachers    are   no  longer  needed. Rejecting this claim, this study that  employs  argumentation  as  a  method  and  makes  much  use  of  the  author’s  experience   as  a  teacher  comprises  an  original  work   devoted  to  demonstrating  that   teachers  are  in  great  demand  in  this  age. The reason  for  this  contention  is  that  teachers  inspire  students  to  be  lifelong  learners, motivate  them ,nurture  passion  and  creativity, and  create  a culture  of  excellence. This means that teachers   are  facilitators  and  innovators  who  can  facilitate  using  and   integrating  technology  into   education.  This  integration  is  necessary  not  only  for  learning  and  teaching  purposes  but  also  reforming  today’s  worthless  education  based  on  rote  learning .This  study  recommends  that  video  games  be  incorporated   into  English  classes  to  equip  learners  with  the  life  skills  they  badly  need  for  survival   in  this  world  marked  by competition   and  everlasting  change.
Key  Words:  equip, facilitate, integrate, reform, technology

Cite as: Al-Shalabi, N.T. (2016). Teachers Are in Great Demand in the Digital Age. Arab World English Journal, 7(3).


Nazmi Tawfiq Al-Shalabi is an associate professor of American literature at the Department of
English of The Hashemite University in Jordan. He is an ex-graduate of IUP and ETSU in the
United States of America., and his research interests are :Literary Criticism, Film Criticism,
Cultural Studies, American Literature and Culture, etc.