Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 11. Number2  June 2020                                             Pp. 303-310

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Summarizing as a Strategy to Enhance Grammar and Writing Skills: The Case of First
Year LMD Learners at the Algerian University Dr. Tahar Moulay-Saida


Chahrazede MOURI
Department of English Language and Literature
Faculty of Letters, Languages, and Arts
Saida University, Dr. Moulay Tahar




Writing is a major language skill that should be the concern of teachers and students. Some first-year English language students seem less interested in writing correct sentences and paragraphs because of the lack of grammar and writing practice in the classroom. They mostly encounter grammar use difficulties, which impede their written communication. The research question that arises in this respect is: does summarizing strategy help learners improve their grammar and writing skills? The aim is to raise teachers’ awareness about the importance of summary as a strategy to help learners apply grammar rules correctly when writing. The participants were first-year students from the department of English, Dr. Tahar Mouley University- Saida. To achieve the work, the researcher applied the quantitative and qualitative research methods that resulted in excellent productions. Yet, findings displayed recurrent errors as tense verb agreement, articles misuse, and irregular verb past simple tense, in addition to mechanics and style problems. The purpose was precisely to cure these problems. Nevertheless, students showed interest and found it enjoyable to write summaries, for it offered them the opportunity not only to practice grammar rules but also to produce complete sentences, including mechanics. Subsequently, summarizing a movie, a book, an event, or a discussion could be recommended.
Keywords:  1st year English language students, difficulties, grammar use, strategy, summary, writing skills 

Cite as:  MOURI,  C. (2020). Summarizing as a Strategy to Enhance Grammar and Writing Skills; The Case of First Year LMD Learners at the Algerian University Dr. Tahar Moulay-Saida. Arab World English Journal11 (2) 303-31.


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Dr. Chahrazede MOURI is a researcher in Didactics and a full-time teacher in the department of
English language and literature, University Dr. Moulay Tahar-Saida, Algeria. She has taught for twenty one years at secondary school and eight years at university. Her areas of interest include
grammar, written expression, educational psychology and psychology.