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Suggesting a Support Centre for Dissertation Writing in EFL at Bejaia University


 Nadia Idri
Faculty of Arts and Languages, University of Bejaia

In the Algerian higher education context, Master students in foreign languages are required to write a dissertation to get their final degree. However, through observation, the author noticed the students’ difficulty to get engaged in their r Research from the initial step of choosing a topic to the final research outcome of writing the dissertation according to an academic style. During the supervision process, teachers waste a lot of time on the problem of language adjustment and correction instead of monitoring the learners’ research skills, critical thinking abilities and mastery of concepts related to the field of interest. This exploratory study comes to classify the problems both learners and teachers face when working jointly on the final product of the Master. The study took place in the Department of English, Bejaia University. The present research is the result of seven years collaborative work with students preparing their Master dissertations. The author used observation and analysis of students’ works, and focus groups to collect data from students. In addition, online journals with ten university EFL teachers were used. Results confirmed the existence of writing problems students face when preparing their research papers. The final product of the ethnographic research is the suggestion of a Writing Support Centre.
Keywords: Dissertation Writing, ELT, EAP, Academic Writing, Tutoring, Language Support Centre.


Nadia Idri has been teaching at Bejaia University for twelve years. Specialized in educational
psychology, ELT and Applied Linguistics, she is interested in conducting research on affective
factors, applied linguistics, learner autonomy, basic and higher education, technology education
and LMD Reform. Nadia masters four languages and translates in three of them (English-FrenchArabic). She has published in many national and international journals; she has been a member
of various scientific committees and chairing sessions in national and international conferences
and chaired many of them in her university and now at international levels. She has a reviewing
and editing experience with many journals. Actually, she is the chair of the scientific committee
in her Department and a chair of the master she created: Applied Linguistics and ELT. Nadia is
also a founding member in BEST student association to develop autonomy, creativity and sense
of initiative in her students. She is the founder of the Creative Writing Days event in Bejaia
University in partnership with BEST. Nadia is an active member of the Algerian English
Language Teacher Training (AELTT) team; a winner of the Alumni Engagement Innovation
Fund Project Proposal funded by the US embassy in 2015-2016. Nadia is also in charge of
development and training in Abp El Djazzeir Private School. Nadia’s main focus is to promote
ELT and make change in the way English is taught and conceived through strengthening the
learner’s role and place in the class and outside it as a citizen.