Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.3 July 2016                                               Pp. 113-122

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Students’ Perception toward Online Self-Access Learning in English
Language Learning

  Muslih Hambali
Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
Sriwijaya University, Palembang, Indonesia

This study is related to the application of computer which is meant as a medium of online language learning. The study aims at finding out students’ perception toward online self-access learning (OSAL) and the correlation between OSAL and their grammar achievement. Online self-access learning refers to a kind of fully autonomous learning done by each individual student through internet. In this study the particular English language learning focuses on a language aspect, grammar. The major discussions regarding the students’ perceptions toward English language learning were mainly to seek the answers of the questions on: (1) link addresses of OSAL in general, (2) online grammar materials provided, (3) benefit of OSAL, and (4) the correlation between students’ perception toward OSAL and students’ grammar achievement. The data were taken from a questionnaire of 20 close items given to 35 undergraduate students of the English Study Program of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sriwijaya University. The descriptive statistical analysis revealed that the response of the students’ perception toward OSAL was generally positive in which the overall average score of their perception toward OSAL was 4.15 in the category of agree in the Likert’s scale. This means that they supported the application of OSAL in English language learning. Another finding was from the result of regression analysis in which R2 was 0.279 meaning 27.9% of OSAL gave effective contribution toward students’ grammar achievement. Besides, the correlation was negative (coefficient = -0.528), but there was a significant correlation between students’ perception toward OSAL and their grammar achievement as the p-value 0.001 was less than 0.05.
Keywords: autonomous learning, language aspect, online self access learning, students’ perception


Muslih Hambali holds a master‘s degree from University of Western Ontario. His major
interests are grammar and ESP, but now he is planning to conduct a research on Regional-based
English Assesment for Senior High Schools in South Sumatera, Indonesia.