AWEJ Volume.5 Number, 1, 2014                                                                     Pp.71- 78

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Students’ Insights and Experiences of Web-Based Learning Support ; The Case of Second Year Students of the University of Batna- Algeria


 Bahloul Amel
University of Batna – Algeria


With the help of the innovations in technology, the use of web-based learning level has become a major strategy for improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning processes at the university level. This study explored how university students perceived and experienced web-based learning support designed for an English course. A qualitative phenomenological research design was used in the study .Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with the students enrolled in the “Oral Expression” course. Through intensity sampling strategy , out of 526 students, enrolled in the system, six were selected for the study. The findings showed that students perceived web-based learning useful and their experiences with it were mostly positive.
Keywords: Self-directed learning, Web-based learning support.


Dr. Amel Bahloul has been a teacher at the University of Batna (Ageria) , Department of English
since 1998. She got her Doctorate degree in 2008. She is specialised in theoretical and applied
linguistics. Her main interest is investigating new ways to teach students the skills they need .
To understand Foreign language acquisition and promote change at the university level .