AWEJ Volume.4 Number.4, 2013                                                                    Pp.202-222

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Student Perceptions of the Foundation Programme Assessment in Two Colleges in Oman

 Fatma Al Hajri
Ministry of Higher Education, Oman


This study investigates student perceptions of the English language assessment in terms of its effectiveness, reliability, validity and the students’ preference of its constituting instruments. It included 184 students from two Colleges in Oman who participated in responding to a questionnaire, of those 106 students participated in gender specific focus groups. The data obtained from the questionnaire was analysed for descriptive statistics and significant differences amongst the groups using Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal Wallis Test. Student views expressed in focus groups were analysed using thematic content analysis. The results suggested that the students perceived FP assessment as generally effective but they were ill-informed about its nature and contents. The data also indicated that there was a perceived need for more assessment instruments and an unexpected low social impact of FP assessment considering its high stakes.
Keywords: Assessment, English Language, Higher Education, Tests, Continuous Assessment.


is a lecturer at the Colleges of Applied Sciences – Sur. She attained her PhD
from the University of Edinburgh in Language Assessment and Programme Evaluation. She did
her MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Queensland. She worked as an English
language lecturer for several years before being appointed as the Deputy Director for the English
Language Programme at the Colleges of Applied Sciences in the Ministry of Higher Education,