Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.2 June 2015                                               Pp. 162 –173

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Strategies and Techniques for Fostering  Oral Communication Confidence
  in EFL Students

Dawood Ahmed Mahdi
Faculty of Languages and Translation, King Khalid University
Saudi Arabia



This article is concerned with strategies and techniques for fostering EFL students’ confidence and reducing their oral communication apprehension. This paper aims to explore strategies and techniques that could be implemented in the EFL classroom to encourage students’ oral communication and foster their confidence. The first part starts with a brief introduction to present the research topic. It states the aims, purpose, research questions,  and significance of the study. The second part features the relevant literature review, focusing on the current body of knowledge. The literature review provides a detailed description of the substantive findings as well as methodological and theoretical contributions to this topic. The study furnishes a wide range of reflections on English as a foreign language, and the special needs of students learning the language. It can be described as the impact of confidence on EFL students’ oral communication apprehension in EFL students. In the third part, the paper  discusses the methodology used in this study, followed by a discussion of an analysis of the findings in the fourth part. These two areas, i.e. discussion and findings answer the research questions and justify the research hypothesis. The last part of this work  provides a conclusion to the study, accompanied by some recommendations.
Keywords: apprehension, communication competence, confidence, EFL students, oral communication, strategies, techniques

Cite as: Mahdi. D. A. (2015). Strategies and Techniques for Fostering Oral Communication Confidence in EFL Students  Arab World English Journal, 8 (1).


Dr. Dawood Ahmed Mahdi is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at King Khalid
University. He has been teaching in higher education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
for more than 20 years in Yemen, India, Oman and Saudi Arabia. His research areas include oral
communication apprehension, communicative competence, confidence, and public speaking. He
is interested in strategies and techniques for enhancing communication skills. Among his other
interests are second language acquisition and translation studies.