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Storyline Approach as Enhancement of Learning Foreign Language
and Character Building at Elementary School

 Frimadhona Syafri
Semarang State University

 Rini Susanti Wulandari
Semarang State University

Using stories in teaching foreign language, it forces the teacher to be crative and innovative to encourage the young learners to enjoy reading stories. The teacher has to be smart to select which one approach can enhance learning foreign language process and also can support character building of the students. Character education at schools is a vital need for giving the next generation basic skills that not only can make them as life-long learners in this global era, but also make them function in this world. Elementary school becomes the base of character building in formal education level so that charcter education get  a lot of attention in every subject. One of approaches that can be implemented to fulfill the condition in teaching foreign language in Elementary Schools in Indonesia  is   storyline  approach.  The  approach (Storyline)    was mainly developed in 1967 by a team of teachers from Jordanhill College  of  Education  (now  known  as  University  of  Strathclyde)  in  Glasgow, Scotland. The primary schools in Scotland use a curriculum that involves integration of new topics, such as environmental studies and expressive arts, in their teaching foreign language process. This research focuses on how teaching learning English and character education are developed in SDNBI kota Semarang through storyline approach. The method of the research was qualitative in which data were in the form of interaction transcript between students ant teacher. The data would be interpreted qualitatively. Meanwhile the data were gathered through interview, observation, and note-taking.
Keywords: storyline approach, teaching foreign language, character building