AWEJ Volume.4 Number.3, 2013                                                                    Pp.183-192

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 Social Media for Language Teachers’ Development

Munassir Alhamami
King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
University of Hawaii, USA

This paper discusses the use of online social media tools for language teachers’ professional development. The paper highlights the importance of the free social media tools for language professionals’ development by presenting some of the influential social media tools that can be utilized by language teachers to develop their careers by creating communities of practices. First, the paper provides an overview of language teachers’ development. Then, it highlights some of the key factors and methods for language teachers’ development. Finally, it presents the social media as a creative and effective solution for professional development in the language teaching field.

Keywords: Social Media, Professional Development, Teachers’ Education, Technology


Munassir Alhamami received his B.A in English from King Khalid University (Saudi Arabia)
and his M.A from Trinity Western University (Canada). Currently, he is instructor at King
Khalid University (on study leave) and PhD student at University of Hawaii (USA). His main
academic interest is applied linguistics & technology