Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia, December 2019          Pp. 22- 31

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Saudi MA Translators: An Evaluation Issue 

Adel Salem Bahameed
Department of English
Faculty of Languages & Translation
King Khalid University, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



This paper aims to enlighten the way for teachers concerning the translation assessment process. The main research question is whether the holistic method is applicable. The study highlights the appropriateness of adopting this method to evaluate students’ translations of the final year translation project. The study has the importance of trying to find the most appropriate evaluative way for students’ conversions. The evaluation was carried on five female MA students at the postgraduate translation final project at the Faculty of Languages and Translation at King Khalid University in KSA. The hypothesis regarding the effectiveness of using the holistic assessment method and the possibility to improve the quality of assessing the students’ translations in the future based on this method wasn’t verified. This study concluded that the main factor which is identifiable was translation competence. Also, this method was found out to be too lenient to give impartial translation quality assessment for the students’ translations.
Keywords: evaluating translation, holistic method, MA students, translation project, translation errors

Cite as: Bahameed , A.S. (2019). Saudi MA Translators: An Evaluation Issue. Arab World English Journal, Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia,. 22- 31


Adel Salem Bahameed, is an Associate Professor of Translation at the department of English,
Faculty of Languages and Translation, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia since 2018/2019. His
areas of interest include Cross-cultural Translation, Assessment of Translation, Interpreting,
Technicalities of Translation. ORCiD: