Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Volume 2, number 2, April 2011                                                                                           pp.267 -303

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Revisiting the Concept of English Varieties: A Narrative Approach to Space
Creation by a Thai Writer in the English Academy

Adcharawan Buripakdi, PhD
English program, School of Liberal Arts,
Walailak University, Thailand

This paper aims to exemplify the significance of performativity and space creation through a non-conventional process of literature review. This paper essentially addresses a World Englishes concept through narrative writing. By reflecting her voice upon literature review related to the World Englishes framework, the author was gradually able to learn the constructed meaning of a World Englishes user. Ultimately, a personal writing approach allowed this ESL writer to see herself as a World Englishes writer. Despite the fact that the notion of World Englishes has become central in English learning and teaching, it is far from practical for English teachers, especially for those in EFL/ESL contexts, to address all aspects of the concept of the concept to their students in classrooms. In this sense, the paper suggests that allowing students an opportunity to gain direct experiences of being World Englishes users will be more sensible for them to better understand the essence of the notion.

Key words: World Englishes, narrative, ESL writer, literature review