Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Vol.6. No.4 December  2015                                            Pp. 218- 230   

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 Reticence among Jazan University students: A Critical Analysis  

Syed Reza
Jubail University College
Saudi Arabia



For Universities in Saudi Arabia, standards in language learning from the onset have suffered tremendously. Students for the most part have not been able to excel in English language courses largely due to student reticence. At Jazan University, students are no stranger to this predicament. This study focuses on a critical analysis of factors that engender reticence among level 1 preparatory year students at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. This ushers the question, what are these factors are that engender reticence? The research was conducted by questionnaires and group interviews. There were many salient factors that were of relevance, namely role of teachers, anxiety, lack of motivation, attitudes, curriculum development, culture and classroom environment. A needs analysis was also conducted so as to advance recommendations for educators, administration and policy makers. This study supplies a ranking of these factors as well.
Key Words: anxiety, Saudi, reticence, language, learning