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Name of researcher: Wejdan Fahad Alshalan
Title of the thesis/dissertation: Relative Effectiveness of Teaching Writing as Process vs. Product Using Moodle to Saudi EFL Students of Imam University
Subject/major: Applied Linguistics
University name, department name: Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, College of Languages and Translation, Department of English Language and Literature.
Degree: Master of Arts
Year of award: 2012
Supervisor: Dr. Mohamed El-Okda



This study explored a blended learning course by integrating Moodle into a foreign language composition classroom of 28 Saudi female undergraduate students in the English department of Al-Imam University. The study was conducted via Moodle to investigate its effectiveness on students’ attitudes towards writing, and to investigate the relative effectiveness of two different writing approaches, product vs. process. Students were divided into two experimental groups (A&B); each group consisted of 14 students. Group A learned the process writing approach through Moodle’s collaborative wikis and forums. Group B learned the product approach through individual wikis and quizzes. Quantitative measures were used to analyse the students’ writing performance in pre-tests and post-tests, and their attitudes towards writing using attitudinal Likert-type scales. Results confirm that writing performance is more effectively taught to Saudi female students by teaching writing as a product rather than as a process. Results also show that the use of Moodle has a positive effect on students’ attitudes towards writing in English.
Keywords:  E-Learning, Moodle, Process Writing, Product Writing, Teaching Writing, Wiki

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