1. Order: Entries should be arranged in alphabetical order by authors’ last names. Sources without authors are arranged alphabetically by title within the same Ignore the words A, An, and The when ordering by title.
  2. References should be entered in hanging style; that is, the first line of the entry should be left-justified, with the following lines indented five spaces. TIP: Use MS Word function under the Paragraph tab to create this.
  3. APA style dictates that authors are named by the last name followed by initials
  4. Publication year goes between parentheses, followed by a
  5. Italicize book titles, journal titles, and volume numbers.
  6. DoNOT italicize issue numbers.
  7. Place the issue number in parentheses.
  8. Don’t use bold
  9. Include all the references used in the text.
  10. For multiple authors: use an ampersand instead of writing out “and” before the last author’s name.
  11. Don’t use the word “ volume”.
  12. Use alphabetical order NOT bullets or numbers
  13. Write the complete information about each reference,
  14. The DOIs should be hyperlinked (not just unclickable links). Do not place a period after a DOI or a URL