Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 2. June 2019                                                     Pp.124-135

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Rethinking the Practice of Teaching Literature to Enhance EFL Students’ Civic Skills: An
Algerian Perspective

Mohammed KHELADI
Department of English
University of Tlemcen, Algeria




Besides the undisputable role of literature in teaching civic virtues through exposing students to characters and themes that accurately exemplify and truly represent civility, teaching  literature  can serve a means to inculcate in students various civic skills, such as conflict resolution, leadership, negotiation of meaning and constructive criticism. Yet, to attain such skills, teachers need to reshape their teaching practices to be in conformity with the principles of modern education that champion active learning methodologies. The present paper argues for the necessity of rethinking the traditional teacher-centered methods in teaching English literature in the Algerian context as they tend to reduce students’ active participatory roles in learning. In response to this, a number of suggestions have accordingly been put forward to enable students reach more independency in dealing with literature. This orientation of thought stems from the belief that active learning is conducive to active citizenship.
 Key words: Active learning, civic virtues, civic skills, literature teaching, teacher-centered methods.

Cite as:  KHELADI, M.  (2019). Re-thinking the Practice of Teaching Literature to Enhance EFL Students’ Civic Skills: An Algerian Perspective. Arab World English Journal, 10 (2)124-135.


Dr. Mohammed KHELADI is a senior lecturer at the University of Tlemcen, Algeria. He holds
a PhD in the Didactics of Literature. He has been teaching English for ten years now. His field
of interest is literature and civilization. ORCID: