Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.3September , 2016                                     Pp. 373-384

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Place of Linguistics in English Language Teaching  

 Ali Akbar Khansir
Bushehr University of Medical Sciences
Bushehr, Iran


Farhad Pakdel
 Department of English, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Shiraz, Iran
(Corresponding Author)


The aim of this paper is to indicate place of linguistics in English language teaching. This paper investigates how knowledge of linguistics can help to English language teaching in ELT classrooms. Linguistics always plays a vital role in studying language in general and English language in particular in ELT settings.  Linguistics shares with human language, even attribute to other sciences can help us to understand our language.  Linguistics has been concerned with language. Linguistics can be defined as the study of language. However, linguistics and language are closely intertwined, so discussion of one necessarily involves the other.  Linguists, on the other hand, have long been aware of the fact that people learn and use languages. This paper focuses specially on language teaching and discusses the relation between linguistics and English language teaching.
Key Words: language teaching, English language, linguistics, English language teachingcompetence and performance

Cite as: Khansir, A. A., & Pakdel, F. (2016). Place of Linguistics in English Language Teaching.
Arab World English Journal, 7 


Dr. Ali Akbar Khansir is working at the Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr,
Iran. He has completed M.A. in English Language Teaching at the Aligarh Muslim University in
2003 and PhD in English Language Teaching at the Mysore University in 2010, India. He has
published seven books in the field of Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching and
Linguistics in USA, Germany, UK.